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Mind Beat is proud to offer free screensavers, desktop utilities, Windows system tools, defrag, RAM memory tools, and hard disk tools that you can download and use for free. Powerful apps and programs to customize your computer and increase the usability, speed and power.


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SUPER SLIDESHOW SCREENSAVER - Use your photo collection as a wonderful slideshow screensaver. More than 100 transition effects, lots of customizable properties. Super slideshow screensaver supports .bmp and .jpg files, automatically scans your HD for images, fully customizable playlist. Watch your favourite screensaver in a small preview window over your desktop! Two powerful apps in one: a complete screensaver manager and a Tetris game.

MPOWER - As you work with your computer, opening and closing applications, the system memory becomes fragmented. This means that you have less memory available to your applications. Executables and Dlls often remain in memory long after they're closed, until something forces them out. MPower 1.2 is a valuable tool for any PC, regardless of how much RAM you have. It defragments and frees your RAM giving more stability to your system and avoiding needless use of swap file. This powerful application will also benchmark (speed test) your hard disk drives and your CPU load. CPU load and memory status may be displayed on active window titlebar or on a tray icon. Lots of handy features.

PLUS START MENU - Customize your Start button context menu. If you need quick access to some very useful applications and you don't want to 'crowd', your Start menu, you may now utilize the Start menu right-click option. Plus menu lets you add and delete as many shortcuts you need.

Invisible Pro gives you complete control over the desktop: get rid of that ugly colored block behind icons labels. Now you can make them invisible and change icon text color. In addition to this, you have a powerful set of cool features to tweakle your system. You may clear your desktop with just one click, get current time/date in the active window title bar, change wallpaper on the fly, pick a random wallpaper at every windows startup and completely customize your start menu.




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